Case Studies


Case Study 1 - Silly George

We worked with Silly George to help them scale from $10k per month to $500k per month in sales in 13 months:

• We combined both paid advertising and influencer marketing.
• Developed custom content for their facebook page and grown it to 60k+ audience
• Set up an advertising funnel which catered for a cold, warm and hot audience
• Set up retargeting ads to drive maximum conversions

The end results were $500k per month in sales achieved after 13 months of working with us. The account is currently in scale mode.


Case Study 2 - Activewear Brand

We took on a sports and bikini brand who was struggling to scale past the $15k per month mark in sales:

• We developed a custom social media advertising strategy to help scale the brand
• Created multiple videos for the brand to target people at all steps of the funnel (cold, warm & hot)
• Rapid fire tested with 10 different audiences and multiple ad variations
• Optimized the ads and started scaling once we found our winning audience and creative
- We were able to achieve on average 4-10x return on ad spend.

The end results were $116k per month in sales achieved after 9 months of working with us!